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Creating a 100% custom website in WordPress, starting from an existing design. Development of a site that stands out for its originality and offers a unique experience to users.


Website customized from scratch, which fully reflects the vision and identity of the law firm. Every detail has been carefully addressed, from the aesthetic design and intuitive interface, to the customized functionalities and features.


The purpose of the project

The purpose of this project was to develop a customized website that would adequately present the information about the three lawyers and their partners within the law firm.


Implementing an existing design can present challenges, especially if it is complex and involves advanced visual elements. We had to ensure that the design was properly translated into digital format and find solutions to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the website.

The website had to present the lawyers and their partners in a specific way, so it was necessary to create a customized content structure. This involved setting up custom post types and defining specific fields to be able to enter and display the appropriate information for each attorney and partner.


Law firm

Our Solution

We used custom plugins and extensions such as CPT UI and ACF to create the custom content structure and add the attorney and partner specific fields. These tools gave us the necessary flexibility to configure the website according to the requirements.

As we implemented the solution, we performed extensive testing to ensure that the website functions correctly and that the user experience is pleasant. We've optimized loading speed, fixed any bugs, and made tweaks to make sure the site runs smoothly.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website is attractive and professional, reflecting the identity of the law firm. We implemented the design properly, keeping it aesthetically pleasing and using the right colors and visuals.


Navigating the website is intuitive and easy to use. We have created a clear structure of pages and sections so that users can quickly find the information they want about lawyers and partners. The navigation menus are well organized and accessible, making it easy to explore content and directing users to relevant sections.


The website was built on the WordPress platform, using modern and updated web technologies. We also implemented performance optimization and responsive design techniques, ensuring that the website loads quickly and adapts properly to different devices and screen sizes.


The website contains personalized functionalities, adapted to the specifics of the law office. These features include personalized contact forms, sections for presenting successful cases, services offered and the experience of lawyers.


For the design of the website, I used Jost and Abuget fonts. The Jost font was selected to create a modern and aesthetic presentation of headlines and highlights. The Abuget font was the right choice to ensure clear and pleasant reading within the site, thus contributing to a comfortable browsing experience for users.

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