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The inBusiness Club Suceava association organizes the "Notes of Hope" charity event.


The challenge of creating this charity website for InBusiness was to capture the essence and values ​​of the event supporting children with autism. We needed to create a platform that would convey emotion, understanding and empathy, and facilitate community involvement in supporting this noble cause.


Inspirational and interactive website that brings to the forefront InBusiness' mission to create a world where children with autism feel valued and express themselves in an authentic way. The website provides relevant information about the charity event, as well as how people can contribute and get involved in supporting this cause.


The purpose of the project

The aim of the project was to generate awareness and mobilize people to get actively involved in supporting children with autism, thus creating a positive impact in their lives. See the Website


One of the main challenges was to convey sensitivity and empathy in the design and content of the website. We had to avoid the risk of being too commercial or insensitive in our approach to this subject. Special attention was needed to create a safe and friendly environment for visitors, where they feel motivated to get involved in supporting children with autism.

The challenge was to involve the community in supporting this noble cause. We needed to create an interactive platform and develop effective promotional strategies to capture the audience's attention and give them concrete opportunities to engage and contribute. A creative and innovative approach was required to generate significant impact and mobilize supporters.



Our Solution

Our result from these challenges was an engaging and compelling charity website. We managed to communicate with sensitivity and empathy, using the right design, colors and images to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. We also managed to present complex information in an accessible way, giving visitors the opportunity to better understand the reality of children with autism and the importance of their support.

Through community engagement strategies and interactive features, we managed to attract attention and mobilize people to actively get involved in supporting this cause. We have created a platform that offers concrete possibilities for donations, volunteering and personal involvement. The end result is a website that not only informs, but also inspires and mobilizes the community in supporting children with autism, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and empathetic world.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website design is attractive, empathetic and friendly. We used warm and harmonious colors combined with suggestive and emotional images to convey the message of support and compassion for children with autism.


Navigating the website is simple and intuitive, being a landing page. The navigation menus are well structured, giving users quick access to the various relevant sections and pages. We've implemented a consistent information architecture so visitors can easily find the information and resources they're looking for about the charity event and how they can get involved.


We used the WordPress platform to create a solid and flexible foundation. We have also integrated interactive and multimedia functionalities to bring more dynamism and attractiveness to the website.


The website includes customized features to facilitate visitor engagement and contribution. These include donation forms, event registration options and detailed information on how people can get actively involved in supporting children with autism.


The Montserrat font was chosen for titles and highlights, offering a modern and stylized look. The Open Sans font was used for the body texts, ensuring easy and pleasant reading for users, without distracting from the main message of the website.

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