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SuperOptic is a medical optician from Radauti, a website of the landing page type that offers customized optical solutions, for a clear and healthy vision, adapted to the needs of each patient.


The creation of a landing page itself, where we had to clearly and attractively render the services of medical optics, the differentiation from ophthalmology and the promotion of the expertise of optometrists. We needed to find a way to effectively communicate the benefits of the services and encourage visitors to take action despite the absence of the traditional appointment form.


The end result is a modern and informative landing page that highlights optometrists' specialized services. Attractive design and well-structured information allow visitors to immediately understand the benefits of optometric consultation, frame and lens selection, and easily access contact details for questions or appointments.


The purpose of the project

The goal of the project was to create an engaging and clear landing page that conveys optometry expertise and facilitates communication between clients and the clinic.


The difference between optometric services offered by SuperOptic and those of ophthalmologists. We needed to create an approach that emphasized the role of specialist optometrists in the management of eye health and clarified the benefits of optometric consultation.

We encourage visitors to interact and take specific actions on the landing page. Since there is no traditional appointment form, we had to find creative ways to guide visitors to get in touch or call for appointments or questions.



Our Solution

Effective communication of the distinction between optometry and ophthalmology, highlighting the importance of optometric consultation in the prevention and management of eye conditions. Through detailed and compelling information, visitors now have a clearer understanding of optometric services and how they can contribute to eye care.

Design and content to direct visitors to relevant actions by highlighting contact details and facilitating phone or form communication. We have created a friendly and accessible environment for visitors to interact with the clinic, whether they want to get more information or schedule a consultation.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The bright and refined design combines white tones for clarity and simplicity, with shades of green that evoke freshness and eye health. These colors create a pleasant and professional atmosphere.


Intuitive and simple navigation makes it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they need about services, specializations and contact.


The SuperOptic website, developed on the WordPress platform, benefits from advanced technologies to offer a pleasant and optimized browsing experience, regardless of the device used.


With features to highlight optometric services, facilitate access to contact details and the contact form, the site encourages visitors to reach out and interact for appointments or questions.


Ubuntu and Inter fonts have been selected to ensure easy and pleasant reading, contributing to the modern and coherent look of the page.

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