Aronia Bio has a modern and attractive design, with an easy-to-use structure and intuitive navigation. It is built on the WordPress platform and uses standard web fonts to provide a consistent user experience.


Creating a landing page combined with e-commerce


Vivid colors and strong images promote Aronia Bio products, and the products section allows users to purchase products based on this fruit.


The purpose of the project

Aronia Bio is an online store that sells products based on the aronia fruit.


The creation of the site involved solving several objectives, such as ensuring an attractive design for intuitive users, which would convey the strong message about Aronia Bio products. An integrated design and technology approach was required, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the target audience and the purpose of the site. The integration of an efficient and easy-to-use products section, which would allow users to buy Aronia Bio products, was also an important aspect of the site's creation.


Aronia juice

Our Solution

Website creation through the wordpress platform with a custom theme and woocommerce module to manage this online store

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website has a clean and modern look with bright colors and attractive images promoting Aronia Bio products.


The site has a user-friendly e-commerce landing page structure with a clear navigation bar and links to important sections such as products, about us, gallery and contact.


The site is built using WordPress as the content management platform and uses a custom theme.


The website has a product section where Aronia Bio products can be purchased. There is also a contact section through which users can get in touch with the team.


The site uses modern fonts such as Bungee and Roboto, which are easy to read and provide a uniform look.

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