PlastStil - Creative systems of railings and fences

PlastStil is a well-structured site that offers useful and relevant information about creative systems of PVC and aluminum balustrades and fences.


Creating an attractive and functional website that adequately reflects the services and products offered by the company


The end result was a modern, well-structured and optimized website that provides a pleasant browsing experience for users and effectively promotes the brand and the product and service offering.


The purpose of the project

Their challenge is to offer customers a maximum share of added value, possible through sophisticated products, solutions and services.


To customize the look of the site it was necessary to create a custom design to match the brand identity of the company, but also to maintain a clear and easy-to-navigate structure for users. We also wanted to optimize the site to ensure that it loads quickly and runs smoothly, while providing a pleasant visual experience for users. Being a showcase site, there is no need to store confidential information, but we wanted to make sure that the site is protected against possible vulnerabilities and security threats.


Construction, Installation and maintenance services

Our Solution

We chose a WordPress theme that suited the needs and brand identity of the company, but customized the design and layout to specifically suit our requirements. We used plugins to optimize speed and performance, such as cache, to reduce loading time and improve user experience. We have installed a security plugin to protect the site against possible vulnerabilities and have taken additional measures to prevent unauthorized access to the site.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


It was designed to be modern and attractive, but also to match the company's brand identity. We used the colors specific to the Plaststil brand - green and white - in a coherent and well-balanced way.


We've included a simple and clear navigation bar to allow quick access to important site pages and information.


We used the WordPress platform, which offers great flexibility in website development, and integrated a number of plugins that helped us optimize performance and add useful features.


They have been designed to provide an interactive and informative experience for users. We've included an attractive image gallery to showcase the company's products and services in a visually appealing way, as well as a contact form and FAQ page to help users get in touch with the company and find answers to their questions.


Merriweather and Verdana - were carefully chosen to match the overall design and style of the site. I used the Merriweather font for the titles and sub-headings because it gives a classic and elegant look, and the Verdana font for the main text because it's easy to read and understand. The fonts were chosen with the aim of providing a pleasant and quality experience for users.

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