Jubi Foods - Healthy, plant-based and organic products

Jubi Foods is a professional, clear and well-structured website that provides information about their plant-based and organic products.


The challenge we had in creating this presentation website in WordPress was to convey Jubi Foods' message of offering organic and plant-based products in a visually attractive and coherent way.


The final result after the creation of this website includes a modern and minimalist design that highlights the organic and plant-based products of Jubi Foods, an intuitive navigation that allows users to quickly and easily find the desired information.


The purpose of the project

Their goal is to provide customers with outstanding products at affordable prices all over the world.


Finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality, adapting the content to the needs and preferences of the target audience and ensuring an optimal user experience for users. We had the challenge of optimizing the content of the website for search engines, so that we can reach as many users as possible and increase visibility. Considering that users expect the site to load quickly and work without problems, we had the challenge of ensuring an optimal loading time in order not to lose users and to provide a pleasant user experience.


Jubi Foods products, Food

Our Solution

To solve these challenges, we worked closely with the client to understand their needs, used a minimalist design to highlight Jubi Foods products and added visual elements to increase the attractiveness of the website. we took several measures, such as: optimizing images by compression, reducing the number of plugins and optimizing the code, using a high-quality hosting service and implementing a caching system.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design is modern and attractive, focusing on the use of high quality images with minimalistic visual aspects to highlight their organic products. Also, the site is responsive and adapts well to mobile devices, offering a pleasant experience to users.


Navigating the site is clear and simple, with the navigation menu positioned at the top of the page and with clear and easy-to-understand links for each page.


The technologies used to create the site include the use of the WordPress platform and the integration of useful plugins to improve the user experience, such as the contact form, the newsletter subscription system and integration with social networks.


The site includes useful features such as the blog section to provide additional information about the products and their benefits, as well as the contact section with a contact form and email address to help users get in touch with the Jubi team Foods.


The fonts used on the site are Montserrat and Poppins, which are easy to read and understand, with a modern and clean look that fits well with the rest of the site's design. Fonts are used consistently throughout the site to provide a unified and pleasant visual experience to users.

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