Rabla - Complete registration, cancellation and RAR services for cars.

Rabla is a clear and well-structured site, being of the landing page type that offers useful and relevant information about the services offered.


The challenge following the implementation of this landing page type site was to provide clear and precise information about the services offered, so that users can quickly and efficiently understand the registration, cancellation and RAR procedures for cars, but also to determine them to makes the decision to use these services.


The final result after this implementation was a website with a modern and attractive design, with a clear and well-organized structure, which offers users important and useful information about the services offered, but also the possibility of making an online appointment.


The purpose of the project

The purpose of this site is to offer complete services for registration, deletion and rarely for cars.


Creating an attractive and easy-to-use interface for users, so that they can quickly find the information they need and make an online appointment. Providing clear and complete information about the registration, cancellation and RAR procedures for cars, so that users can understand the process and make the decision to use these services. The choice of colors because they must be in tune with the brand and create a pleasant atmosphere for users.


Cars, Registrations, RAR

Our Solution

The creation of a minimalist and modern design, with a simple and well-organized menu, which facilitates navigation on the site and offers a pleasant and intuitive user experience. The inclusion of well-structured and easy-to-understand sections, with detailed information about each procedure, accompanied by relevant images and graphics. The colors match the logo and offer a pleasant visual contrast, so that the text is easy to read and the important elements on the page can be distinguished. I used shades of blue and green, which are the specific colors of the brand.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design is simple but effective. Using a color palette in shades of green and blue, along with suggestive images and relevant text, the site offers a pleasant and coherent visual experience for users.


Navigation is simple and intuitive, allowing users to quickly find the information they need. The site's menu is coherently structured and can be accessed from any page, which makes the user experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. All the services offered are displayed clearly and concisely, so that users do not have to search for information through multiple pages or scroll excessively.


The site is built in WordPress, thus ensuring its functionality and security. Also, the site is adapted for any type of device and screen size, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the device used.


The site offers a series of useful functions for users, including the contact form, which can be filled out quickly and easily for any question or information request, and the blog section where you can find detailed information about the services offered.


The site uses the OpenSans font, which is modern, simple and easy to read. The choice of this font contributes to a pleasant and coherent browsing experience for users, regardless of the section of the site where they are.

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