Roplast Windows - Manufacturer of PVC and aluminum joinery

Roplast Windows are the main regional manufacturers and suppliers of PVC, aluminum and laminated wood joinery with thermal insulating glass.


Optimizing site performance for fast loading and a pleasant user experience despite image and graphic rich content.


Significantly improving site load time and a smoother experience for its users.


The purpose of the project

Permanently maintaining commitments to customers and partners regarding quality, safety and comfort.


The challenge was related to the need to customize and optimize the themes and plugins used to achieve a unique design and improved functionality. In addition, we experienced problems with the loading speed of the site, as it contained a significant amount of images and graphics.


Construction, Interior and exterior design.

Our Solution

The solution we adopted was to do a detailed analysis of the themes and plugins used and optimize them by removing redundant code and functionality that was not needed. We also used a caching system to improve page load time and resized images to reduce file size and improve loading speed. Additionally, we added custom graphics to create a unique and cohesive look across the site.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


Modern and coherent design with a predominant color palette of blue and white. It has been customized to match the company's brand image and provide a pleasant visual experience to users.


Navigating the site was simple and intuitive, with a clear and structured menu that allows users to quickly find the information they need. We have used modern technology to ensure that the site is compatible with different types of devices and browsers.


We used the WordPress platform and optimized the themes and plugins to get a fast and functional website. We've also used a number of security and site monitoring tools to ensure it's always protected and running smoothly.


The site has been equipped with a number of useful functions for users, such as a contact and offer request form. We also added a photo gallery to showcase the company's products in a visually appealing way.


The fonts used on the site were Orbitron and Urbanist, which were chosen to be modern and easy to read, ensuring a pleasant reading experience for users.

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