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Dr. Criste Clinic is a presentation website, clear and well structured, which presents its medical services and team of specialized doctors.


Presenting the clinic's complex medical services in a coherent and accessible manner, ensuring that patients can quickly find the information they need, including pricing and scheduling details.


The website provides a clear and detailed presentation of each medical service offered, along with information on costs and scheduling. Through the well-organized structure and informative content, patients can easily make informed decisions and establish a direct link with the clinic for appointments.


The purpose of the project

The goal of the project was to create an online environment where the Dr. Criste Clinic can communicate effectively with patients, providing them with accurate and up-to-date information about the wide range of medical services they offer.


The organization and coherent presentation of the varied range of medical services, from obstetrics and gynecology to general surgery and medical tests. It was necessary to find an effective way to present each specialization individually without overwhelming visitors with excessive information.

Providing accurate information about medical service costs and scheduling. We needed to present these details in a transparent and easy-to-understand way.


Medical clinic

Our Solution

Well-organized website structure that allows visitors to easily explore and understand each medical specialty offered. Each section is clearly laid out, providing essential information to help patients choose the right services for their needs.

Transparent presentation of costs and scheduling methods for each medical service. Patients can quickly and easily access this information, helping them make informed decisions about their medical and financial plans.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website design uses dark tones, with rich shades of brown and black, along with subtle shades of gold. This color palette gives a refined and professional look, with the gold adding a touch of elegance and presence.


Intuitive navigation makes it easy for patients to quickly access specific information about medical specialties, costs and scheduling, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


The Dr. Criste Clinic website was built on the WordPress platform, benefiting from advanced technologies to provide a stable and secure operation, thus ensuring a quality online experience for patients.


With features such as clear information about medical specialties, pricing, scheduling and direct contact, the site makes it easy for patients to access essential services and information.


Carefully chosen Poppins and Lora fonts contribute to an easy and professional reading of the content, contributing to the website's distinct visual identity.

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