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Bucovina inBusiness is a landing page that presents an event, a series of management and finance workshops, presentations and debates, innovative business and networking discussions.


Creation of an engaging and informative landing page for the event "BUSINESS LESSONS FROM 23 INDUSTRIES." We needed to find an effective way to present key details about the event, such as the program and special guests, in a way that would attract and inform visitors. We also needed to successfully implement functionality for purchasing tickets using Woocommerce.


The website provides an interactive and informative experience for visitors, allowing them to learn all they need to know about the "BUSINESS LESSONS FROM 23 INDUSTRIES" event and conveniently purchase tickets. Visitors can easily explore the program, learn more about special guests and make informed decisions about their attendance at the event.


The purpose of the project

An efficient platform for promoting and organizing the event. We wanted to create a landing page that would serve as a central resource for event information, capture audience attention and interest, and facilitate the purchase of tickets to attend.


Developing engaging and informative landing page content. Creating text and graphics to present the program and invitations in a way that engages and informs the audience. Highlighting the special guests and the program.

Successful integration of Woocommerce functionality for the "Buy ticket" section. Ensuring that this essential aspect works efficiently, allowing visitors to purchase tickets smoothly and providing all the necessary information for the purchase process.


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Our Solution

Developing engaging and informative content that succeeds in attracting and informing the target audience. Clear and attractive presentation of special guests and event program.

Effective and functional integration of Woocommerce for the "Buy ticket" section. Visitors will be able to purchase tickets without problems and receive all the necessary information to make purchases with confidence. This aspect contributed to a simpler and more efficient management of the ticketing process for the event.

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The Final Result


The design is defined by a vibrant color palette with shades of deep blue, navy blue and white. This color selection conveys professionalism and confidence, creating an attractive and recognizable visual appearance.


Navigation is intuitive and efficient, ensuring visitors can quickly find the information they need. The well-structured menu and internal functionalities make it easy to explore the event program and purchase tickets through Woocommerce.


The website was developed on the WordPress platform, with the efficient integration of Woocommerce functionalities. These technologies ensured an optimal online experience, including efficient management of ticket sales and event content.


The functionalities of the website include a well-structured section for the presentation of the program of the event, as well as the functionality of purchasing tickets with the help of Woocommerce. Visitors have easy access to detailed information and can make informed decisions about their participation in the event.


The Poppins font was chosen for the website, contributing to a clear and pleasant reading experience for the main content. This font adds a modern and easy-to-read touch to website pages.

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