Constantin Tourist Complex - Discover the elegance of Bucovina

Constantin Tourist Complex is a website made in WordPress, well structured, where you can find information about the facilities, the types of rooms and all the details necessary to plan your stay in the Bucovina area.


The challenge in developing this website was to translate the beauty and versatility of our tourist complex into the online environment, offering detailed information about rooms, services and the possibility to make reservations, while maintaining a simple and attractive browsing experience.


The result is a well-structured website that allows visitors to easily explore all aspects of our tourist complex. Here they can find complete information about our rooms, services offered and make direct bookings, with a pleasant user experience and a smooth integration with the PynBooking platform.


The purpose of the project

The aim of this project was to create an informative and functional website for the Constantin Tourist Complex, to facilitate access to detailed information about facilities, services and rooms. See the Website


Organize and effectively present details of rooms, services and facilities so that visitors can make informed choices based on their preferences.

Ensuring that the website is also easy to navigate on mobile devices, so that users can access information and make reservations conveniently, regardless of the device they are using.

Integrating with the PynBooking platform to allow users to make direct bookings was a technical challenge that required ensuring the security and smoothness of the booking process.


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Our Solution

Creating a well-organized structure with clear sections for each room type, services and amenities. We used intuitive navigation menus and emphasized content clarity to help visitors quickly find what they were looking for.

We have ensured a smooth booking interface and implemented appropriate security measures to protect user data during the booking process. Thus, we were able to provide a smooth and safe booking experience for our customers.

Ensuring that the website is fully optimized for mobile use and is developed from the ground up in accordance with our custom design. We had to guarantee that every aspect of the user experience was perfectly adapted and effective on any platform, whether it was desktop or mobile.

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The Final Result


For the design of the Constantin Tourist Complex website, we used a warm and attractive color palette, which includes shades of gold, caramel and white. These colors give the website an elegant and welcoming look, reflecting the welcoming atmosphere of our complex.


We put a lot of emphasis on easy and intuitive navigation for users, regardless of the device they use. The clear structure of the menus and the efficient organization of the content make it easy to quickly find information and reservations.


The website is developed using the latest web technologies, ensuring a fast loading experience and robust security. It was created with the approach from the ground up, customizing every aspect to suit the desired design and functionality.


In addition to the presentation of rooms and services, the website offers advanced functionality for direct bookings, easy interaction with the PynBooking platform and efficient integration with our services. These features improve the user experience and make the booking process easier.


For the design of the texts, we chose the fonts Cormorant and Sora, which perfectly complement the elegant and modern look of the website. These fonts provide a clear and pleasant reading of the content, increasing the attractiveness of the website.

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