AiBag - Manufacturing workshop

Aibag is a manufacturing workshop that proposes, through leather bags, a conscious approach to the things we buy.


The challenge of creating this website was to convey and reflect the values and the minimalist design concept of leather gents for contemporary women, highlighting the conscious approach to purchasing products.


The result was an attractive and functional online store featuring leather bags created with attention to detail, reflecting a minimalist approach and timeless design. We managed to convey the message of functionality, durability and love for products.


The purpose of the project

AIBag is a manufacturing workshop that creates functional and durable leather bags.


Conveying the values and minimalist design concept of leather gents for contemporary women in the online store.

Providing a pleasant and intuitive shopping experience for customers.

Communicating the message of conscious shopping and promoting the sustainability of leather goods.



Our Solution

Creating a clean and simple visual interface that highlights the functional characteristics and details of the leather gents. We used high quality images and emphasized on minimalistic design so that it conveys our message to customers.

Implementing a simple and intuitive navigation process with filtering and sorting options to help customers quickly find the products they want. We've also created a user-friendly checkout page with clear and complete product information and secure and convenient payment options.

The inclusion of detailed information about the manufacturing process and materials used, highlighting the durability and timelessness of the leather gents. We put special emphasis on the quality of the materials and the proper care of the gents, thus providing customers with the necessary information to make an informed choice.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website has an elegant and attractive design, with attention to detail and a minimalist aesthetic.


Site navigation is intuitive and easy to use, giving customers a pleasant experience in finding the products they want. Filtering and sorting options make it easy to search and select products based on individual preferences.


Modern and robust technologies have been used to ensure the optimal functionality of the leather bag online store. This provides a hassle-free shopping experience and reliable performance for customers.


The online store has advanced features like add-to-cart options, customer reviews, and secure payment options. These features add value and convenience to the shopping experience for customers.


The font used in the design of the online store is Poppins, which offers a modern and professional aesthetic. This font gives clarity and elegance to texts and ensures a pleasant reading experience for online store visitors.

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