ApartHotel Piccolo - luxury hotel apartments.

ApartHotel Piccolo is a clear and well-structured site that offers the best alternative to classic accommodation systems.


Creating a landing page with a unique and intuitive design was one of the important challenges, as it had to attract the attention of visitors and make them explore the accommodation offers, but also provide a pleasant and easy-to-navigate experience for them.


Thanks to the modern and responsive design, quality content and well-structured and easy-to-use functionalities, a significant increase in bookings and customer satisfaction has been achieved.


The purpose of the project

Apartments that offer you space, comfort and privacy for your business trips or as a tourist.


Finding a selection of suitable fonts to match the overall look and style of the site. Creating a responsive design that works well on different screen sizes and devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for users. Creating and implementing an effective online marketing strategy, which includes promoting the site through social media channels, campaigns of online advertising, SEO optimization and creating partnerships with other sites and companies in the tourism and hospitality industry to increase exposure and visibility of the site.


Hotel, Tourism, Restaurant

Our Solution

We developed an effective solution for implementing the site in WordPress, addressing the challenges of fonts, responsive design, functionality and security, and implementing an online marketing strategy, which resulted in the creation of a modern, well-structured and attractive site that increased the visibility of the business, attracted a large number of visitors and increased the number of bookings and the level of customer satisfaction.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design is personalized and original, using a color palette and attractive images that create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for users.


Navigation on the site is intuitive and easy to use, being of the Landing page type, which makes the user experience pleasant and efficient.


The site is built using WordPress, ensuring the security and performance of the site.


The site's functions are diverse and comprehensive, including details about the services offered, photo gallery and detailed descriptions of the apartments, as well as contact forms to facilitate communication with customers.


The site uses the fonts Poppins and Montserrat, being well chosen to blend with the site design, ensuring a pleasant reading experience.

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