Avatrade Residence - Apartments for sale in a prime location

The AVATRADE residential project, with a modern and innovative design, includes apartments with two, three or four rooms, a commercial space, and numerous parking spaces.


Creating an attractive and functional design: The design must be modern and stylish to match the company's brand image and attract potential customers. We need to pay attention to the browsing experience so that customers can quickly find what they are looking for.


The end result of the design, navigation, technology, features and fonts for a website involves the use of white and blue colors for an aesthetic and clean experience. The Montserrat and Roboto fonts are suitable for a modern and easy-to-read design, and the intuitive navigation ensures a pleasant user experience.


The purpose of the project

Avatrade Residence is a presentation site where visitors can see the benefits of the new apartment blocks in Oradea. See the Website


Find and organize relevant content for each apartment and commercial space, such as specifications, images, prices and information about the area and amenities. Creating an attractive and functional design that attracts users and allows easy and intuitive navigation through the site. Integrating quality images to allow users to see as much of apartments and commercial spaces as possible before visiting in person. Search Engine Optimization to help your website rank well in search engines and attract potential buyer traffic. Ensuring the security of the site and protecting users' personal information.


Apartments for sale in the residential area

Our Solution

Find and organize content by organizing information on pages dedicated to each project, with details such as specifications, prices, technical features and other useful information. Creating an attractive and functional design by using responsive design with a modern and easy-to-navigate aesthetic. Integrating high-quality images and videos of apartments and commercial spaces to improve the user experience and give them the most accurate picture of the projects. Search engine optimization (SEO), by using SEO plugins for WordPress and by creating relevant, well-structured content Maintaining the security of the site, by ensuring a high level of security and taking the necessary measures to prevent any vulnerability or cyber attack.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website has a modern and clean design, with the predominant use of blue and white colors to incorporate the company's branding and ensure a pleasant user experience for website visitors.


Navigating the site is intuitive and easy, so that users can easily find the information they want.


The site is built on the WordPress platform, which allowed for quick development and easy content management.


The site offers several useful features, such as a contact form to allow visitors to get in touch with the company, an apartment specification page and an orderly floor-by-floor presentation of the residential block.


Two typefaces, Montserrat and Roboto, were used to create a coherent and attractive design. The Montserrat font is used for headings and the Roboto font for the main text on the site. These fonts are easy to read and offer a modern aesthetic.

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