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MTH Timber is a clear and well-structured website that presents its wood cutting and planing services.


Ensuring that fir and spruce wood products are well presented and visible to customers. We had to find effective solutions to make the range of products easy to identify and access on the website, in order to best meet the needs of customers.


Website that offers customers access to a range of wood products of the highest quality. Whether it is boards, cabinets, beams or slats, all of these can be customized upon request. Customers can request personalized offers through the order form, benefiting from such wooden products adapted exactly to their needs.


The purpose of the project

The main goal of the MTH Timber project was to become a reliable partner for all those looking for high-quality fir and spruce wood solutions. We have focused on providing customized and best quality products to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of our customers.


Appropriate selection of contact form colors, fonts and design. It was essential to choose colors that conveyed the professionalism and nature of the wood products, while the fonts had to be clear and easy to read. We also needed to develop a contact form that was simple for customers to fill out, so that they could request quotes or get information without extra effort.


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Our Solution

Appropriate selection of colors and fonts, which helped convey professionalism and clarity. The color palette and the chosen fonts brought a distinct and harmonious look to the site. In addition, the simple contact form now allows visitors to easily request information or personalized offers, helping to improve communication and user experience.

After overcoming the design challenge, we achieved a website that successfully combines attractive aesthetics with excellent functionality. The pleasant and professional look of the site has been preserved, while navigation and accessibility have been improved. Visitors now benefit from a pleasant and easy experience, regardless of the device they use to access the website.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The color palette is based on warm and natural shades such as cream, light brown and beige, which evoke the feeling of warmth and authenticity. These colors create a pleasant background to highlight fir and spruce wood products.


Navigation is simple and intuitive. Clear and structured menus allow visitors to quickly find the information they need. Product images are presented in a coherent and accessible way, and content is clearly structured for a smooth browsing experience.


The website was developed on the WordPress platform, which allows easy content management and regular updates. This ensures that information is always fresh and current for visitors.


A significant aspect of the site's functionality is the simple contact form, which allows visitors to quickly request personalized offers or obtain additional information. This facilitates communication with the MTH Timber team and improves the user experience.


The fonts used on the site are GoodTimes for headers and Roboto for textual content. These fonts ensure clear and easy reading, regardless of the device used to access the website.

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