Oskar Shop - Hair extensions, wigs and accessories

Oskar Shop is a professional, clear and well-structured online store selling wigs, hair extensions, accessories and much more.


Creating a safe and easy-to-use online platform that offers a wide range of beauty products, including hair extensions, ponytails, eyelash extensions and accessories, to meet customers' needs and preferences.


A well-organized online store that offers a wide range of high-quality products, as well as an easy and safe purchase process for customers.


The purpose of the project

Oskar Shop is an online store that sells hair extensions, ponytails, eyelash extensions, accessories.


Building a secure and easy-to-use platform that provides a great shopping experience for customers, integration with online payment systems, inventory and delivery management, and developing an attractive and modern website design.


Hair extensions, wigs

Our Solution

We included the use of the WooCommerce platform for creating the online store, which offers a wide range of functionality, including inventory management and integration with online payment systems, the use of a modern and attractive site design with easy and intuitive navigation for users, as well as collaboration with delivery service providers to ensure fast and safe delivery of products to customers.

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The Final Result


The website design was created with an elegant and modern concept, with predominant shades of white and gold to highlight the products and convey the idea of ​​luxury and quality. The design was made with attention to detail, from the positioning of images and texts to the combination of colors and fonts.


Navigating the site is intuitive and easy, which makes the product search process fast and efficient. The main menu is logically structured, so that users can quickly access product categories and important pages of the site.


The site is built using WordPress, with a responsive design, which means it is optimized to display correctly and be easy to use on any device, regardless of screen size.


The site's functions are easy to use and have been designed to provide a pleasant experience to users. Users can add products to the shopping cart, complete the purchase process easily and receive automatic confirmations by email. Also, the site has a search function, through which users can find the desired products more easily.


The fonts used on the site were carefully chosen to ensure good readability and a pleasant user experience. The site uses Helvetica, Georgia and Open Sans fonts, which are popular and reliable fonts in the web design industry. These fonts are easy to read and fit well with the elegant and modern design of the site.

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