Orfeo Nero - Passion for colors, accessories, diversity and beauty

Orfeo Nero is a professional, clear and well-structured online store that offers quality footwear for women and men.


Creating and developing an attractive and functional design that provides a pleasant and intuitive user experience to users, regardless of the device used. We also considered the integration of a secure and efficient payment system, as well as ensuring efficient logistics for product delivery.


The end result of the site is an online store with an attractive and easy-to-use design that provides a pleasant and safe shopping experience for users. The site includes a wide range of products with detailed descriptions and clear images, and the payment and logistics system ensures fast and safe delivery of products to customers.


The purpose of the project

Offering a wide range of quality footwear for women and men with modern and stylish designs at affordable prices.


Creating a unique and attractive design that highlights the products in the online store. It was necessary to develop a design that would be in tune with the Orfeo Nero brand and convey values ​​such as quality, elegance and refinement. We have chosen colors and fonts to match this image in order to attract customers' attention and increase the chances of conversion. We have developed an intuitive navigation structure and optimized the site to facilitate access to the desired information and products. We also created a detailed and informative product page to help customers make an informed purchasing decision.



Our Solution

To create the design of the Orfeo Nero website, we opted for the WordPress platform. This platform gave us a variety of customizable themes and templates, so we could create a unique design tailored to our needs. We tested and adjusted the design based on customer feedback and ensured a pleasant user experience and intuitive. All these solutions contributed to the creation of an online store with an attractive and unique design that highlights the products and offers a great shopping experience.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The website design has been created with attention to detail, and light and pastel colors have been chosen to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of our products. Also, quality images and attractive graphics were used to support the visual experience of the users.


Clear categories and a logical structure of the store were created, so that users can easily find the desired products. We have also included an advanced search system and filters to help users find the products they want easily.


The WordPress platform was used, with a customized template and a variety of specialized plugins to optimize the site's speed and functionality. Thus, we obtained an online store with a fast loading speed and a pleasant user experience.


A variety of important features have been included, such as: the ability to add products to the cart and easily pay through various payment methods, including card payment, cash on delivery and payment through a payment processor online. We have also included order storage and tracking functions, to facilitate the management and monitoring of orders.


The font used in the online store is Tomorrow. This modern and elegant font was chosen to match the overall design of the store. By using a well-defined and consistent font, we obtained a strong identity and a professional online presence.

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