EuroPeleti - Protect the environment with 100% natural pellets!

EuroPeleti is a clear and well-structured online store where you can discover the eco-friendly solution for heating your home with high-quality pellets!


Providing a convenient and informative shopping experience for customers, including options for selecting and purchasing different quantities of pellets and providing useful information within the blog.


Optimized online store with clear options for purchasing pellets. We have integrated an easy-to-use selection system and a simple checkout process, giving customers flexibility in purchasing the quantities they want. The adjacent blog also provides valuable information on pellet advantages and maintenance, supporting customers in making informed decisions.


The purpose of the project

EuroPeleti is an online store where you can buy high quality pellets and at the same time get information about them.


Ensuring an efficient and fast shopping experience for customers, both in terms of the selection and addition to cart process, and in terms of the checkout process.

Providing relevant and useful information to customers through the blog related to the advantages of pellets and how to maintain them.

Within this online pellet website was the management of stock and availability of different quantities of pellets.



Our Solution

Implementation of an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface with clear options for selecting the desired amount of pellets and adding them to the shopping cart.

Creation and management of a well-structured and informative blog, where I have provided relevant articles on the advantages of pellets and practical advice on their maintenance. This way, customers can get the information they need to make a wise choice and ensure they are using the pellets correctly for their specific purposes.

Implementation of an advanced stock management system that updates in real time the level of availability of each quantity of pellets. Thus, customers can clearly and accurately see available quantities and place orders according to their needs.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The final result of the online pellet store stands out for its attractive design, in which green and brown colors predominate, creating a natural and ecological atmosphere.


Navigating the store's website is easy and intuitive, with a well-organized structure and clear menus, allowing customers to quickly and efficiently find the information and products they want.


The online pellet store was developed using the WordPress platform and the WooCommerce plugin. These technologies provided a solid and scalable foundation for the management and operation of the online store, ensuring security, performance and flexibility in the pellet sales process.


The online pellet store has advanced features such as product search and filtering options, customer ratings and reviews, interactive shopping cart and order tracking system. These features ensure a pleasant and efficient shopping experience for customers.


In the design of the online pellet store, the Rubik font was used, which adds a touch of modernity and clarity to the texts. The Rubik font contributes to a pleasant and coherent reading experience on the site, reinforcing the store's visual identity.

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