TehnoVolt - Customized solutions in the field of electrical, thermal and sanitary installations

TehnoVolt is a clear and well-structured presentation website, made in WordPress that presents its services.


The challenge in creating the TehnoVolt website was to clearly outline the company's partnerships with the Vimar and Daikin brands. We needed to highlight these valuable collaborations in a distinct and compelling way to communicate the benefits these partnerships bring to customers.


The partnerships with Vimar and Daikin are highlighted, contributing to the transmission of the value brought by these partners. Thus, the website effectively communicates the diversity of services and strategic collaborations.


The purpose of the project

The main goal of the project was to develop a website that clearly and captivatingly presents the services of electrical, thermal, sanitary, air conditioning and ventilation installations, together with the prestigious partnerships with Vimar, Daikin and Gewiss.


Finding an efficient way to highlight the value of partnerships with the prestigious Vimar and Daikin brands. We needed to develop content and visuals that would clearly communicate the advantages and benefits to clients of working with these industry leaders.

As the services offered involve complex technical aspects, a challenge was to translate this information into a language that visitors could easily understand. We had to find effective ways to convey the benefits of technical solutions without overwhelming the audience with overly complex technical details.


Electrical, thermal and sanitary installations

Our Solution

By developing appropriate content and visual presentations, we were able to successfully highlight the advantages and benefits of exclusive partnerships with Vimar and Daikin. This conveyed to visitors the company's credibility and added value by working with respected industry leaders.

By choosing the right words and simplified explanations, we were able to successfully convey the technical complexity of TehnoVolt's services in an accessible way. Visitors can now understand the benefits of technical solutions without feeling overwhelmed by overly technical details.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design of the website was built around an intense shade of red, which attracts attention and adds energy, in a pleasant contrast with the white background. This color palette creates a dynamic and professional look, reflecting the safety and reliability offered by TehnoVolt.


Navigation is intuitive and easy to use, allowing visitors to quickly access information about services, partnerships and portfolio. The well-structured menu and navigation elements make it easy to explore, ensuring a pleasant experience for users.


The website was built on a WordPress platform, integrating modern technologies to ensure a fluid and interactive web experience. The technologies used allowed the efficient implementation of functions and design elements, contributing to the optimal performance of the site.


The functionalities of the website have been developed to provide visitors with complete and accessible information. These include detailed presentation of services, highlighting of caliber partnerships and presentation of portfolio of previous work, all integrated in a coherent and easy to explore way.


The selected fonts, Work Sans and Poppins, complement the overall design with clarity and elegance. Work Sans provides a modern, easy-to-read look for main content, while Poppins adds a sophisticated touch for headings and key elements.

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