Mega Sun - Body remodeling and facial aesthetics salon in Suceava.

Mega Sun is a professional, clear and well-structured website that offers useful and relevant information about its products and services.


The challenge we had in creating this website was to successfully convey the relaxing experience and the benefits of the services offered in an attractive and persuasive way, to attract customers and highlight the uniqueness of the salon in a competitive sector.


A professional and elegant website that effectively conveys the atmosphere and services offered by the body and facial remodeling salon. By clearly presenting the services and the price list, as well as by integrating an appointment form, we created an interactive and accessible platform for customers, thus facilitating the booking process and successfully attracting new visitors.


The purpose of the project

Mega Sun is a beauty salon based on body and facial remodeling.


We faced the challenge of finding an attractive and intuitive design that would properly highlight the services and provide a pleasant user experience.

We had the challenge of making our website visible in online searches and attracting potential traffic. To solve this problem, we have adopted a search engine optimization (SEO) approach, including the use of relevant keywords, the creation of quality content and the technical optimization of our pages.

Another important challenge was related to the appointment form, which consisted in ensuring an easy and efficient interaction for users, in order to facilitate the online appointment process.


Beauty, Body and facial reshaping

Our Solution

Our solution was to create a clean and modern design with a well-organized structure that facilitates navigation and access to relevant information.

We have conducted keyword research relevant to this industry and integrated these keywords into our content. We've optimized meta tags, improved page load speed, and developed quality content that meets user needs and intent.

For the appointment form we have included clear and concise fields for required information such as name, phone number, desired service and preferred date. We've also added an interactive calendar that allows users to quickly and conveniently select the desired date for their appointment.

To make the scheduling process easier, we've also integrated an automatic email appointment confirmation system that notifies users of their appointment details and gives them a sense of security and confidence.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The final design of the website was created with attention to detail, using elegant and attractive colors, and the intuitive interface facilitated a pleasant and engaging experience for users.


Navigating the website was simple and easy to navigate, with a well-organized structure and clear menus, allowing users to quickly find the information and services they want.


Modern and advanced technologies to ensure optimal website functionality and performance, providing fast page loading and a seamless experience for users.


Various useful features have been implemented to improve the user experience, including an interactive appointment form and an automatic confirmation system, giving users an easy and efficient way to book their services.


To create a visually pleasing and easy-to-read layout, we used the Merriweather and Inter fonts, which contributed to the overall aesthetic of the website and ensured a comfortable and coherent reading experience.

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