BBGLOW Suceava - Skin treatments

BBGlow Suceava is a professional, clear and well-structured website that offers useful and relevant information about facial treatments


Creating a landing page for BBGlow meant guaranteeing an attractive and intuitive design, which would clearly highlight the services offered by this company.


Navigating the site is easy thanks to the clear and intuitive landing page structure, and the section dedicated to services is well organized and highlighted. The site also provides additional information such as contact details and social media links.


The purpose of the project

BB GLOW is a landing page for a company dealing with beauty treatments


Relevant content: It is important to make relevant and quality content that appeals to the target audience and provides detailed information about the services offered. Attractive and engaging design: An attractive and engaging design must be created to attract and retain the attention of users. Website Optimization: The website should be optimized both in terms of content and technology to ensure fast loading and pleasant user experience.



Our Solution

We used the main colors purple and white, together with the Playfair Display and Rubik fonts, which give the feeling of a modern and sophisticated design, to match the services offered by the company. High quality photos have been used to attract attention and illustrate the benefits of the treatments. The content is well structured, and includes keywords relevant to the services offered. Also, site loading speed is optimized and we made sure the site is responsive and mobile friendly.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The purple and white color combination was used to create a modern and elegant look that would attract the attention of visitors


Landing page with a simple and easy-to-navigate structure that allows users to quickly find the information they need.


The site is built using WordPress as the content management platform and uses a custom theme.


The site contains information about the company's skin treatments, as well as contact information and links to the company's social networks.


The Playfair Display font is sleek and stylish, adding a sophisticated and professional air to the page, while the Rubik font has a modern and clean look, allowing text to be easy to read and understand. In addition, these two fonts are well integrated and harmonize perfectly with each other, giving a uniform and coherent look to the page.

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