Rodd - Pharmaceutical Remedies

Rodd is an online store with an innovative product, created to increase and strengthen immunity, intended for both children and adults.


Development of a customized order, inventory and delivery management solution to suit the specific needs of the company. Choosing the right colors to express the product and attract potential customers.


A functional online store with a shopping experience that is easy to use and manage.


The purpose of the project

The ROD range represents the fruit of work and passion for health, people, nature and quality


Development of a customized order, inventory and delivery management solution to suit the specific needs of the company. Choosing colors and fonts that match the product description and convey the right message to customers.


Pharmaceutical remedies, Rodd products

Our Solution

Our solution was to use a combination of plugins and custom integrations to implement the necessary functionality, as well as a well-organized site design and architecture that made it easy to navigate and purchase products. We also used a customized inventory and order management system to suit the specific needs of the company and facilitate the product delivery process. In addition, we have integrated a secure and easy-to-use online payment system to provide a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience for the store's customers.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


For the design of the site, we chose a combination of predominant colors of purple and white, with pastel shades, which would provide an elegant and sophisticated image of the products. I chose this color palette because it matches the range of products in the store and is associated with a premium image.


For navigation, we have created a simple and intuitive structure so that users can quickly find the products they want and complete the purchase process. We have also included the search function so that users can search for the desired products by keywords.


We used WordPress and WooCommerce to develop the site, being the latest technologies and tools to develop the online store so as to provide a fast and pleasant browsing experience for users.


The online store was created to provide users with an easy and pleasant shopping experience, so we have included important features such as adding products to the cart, checkout and secure payment. We've also included the product review feature so users can see feedback from other buyers before making a purchase.


The Noto Naskh Arabic font was chosen to be used in the product description to match the range of oriental products in the store. The Poppins font was chosen for the headings and menus because it is easy to read and fits the overall design of the site.

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