Mountain Bike - Event - cycling competition

Mountain Bike is a clear and well-structured WordPress landing page that presents the event - cycling competition organized by FlySports Club together with Mitocu Dragomirnei City Hall and its partners.


The major challenge in developing this landing page was to passionately and effectively convey the excitement and essential details of the cycling event in order to attract and engage riders and provide them with an informative and motivating experience.


The result of this challenge was an engaging and informative landing page that not only details the cycling event, but also proudly highlights our partners and sponsors, highlighting our efforts to provide a unique experience for participants and supporters .


The purpose of the project

The goal of this project was to create a landing page that would serve as a comprehensive information source for passionate cyclists and potential participants of our cycling event.


Our main challenge was to present various information about the cycling event in a simple and attractive way on a single landing page. We needed to ensure that all visitors could quickly and easily find all the essential details to sign up and participate.



Our Solution

We tackled this challenge by creating a well-structured and easy-to-navigate landing page that combines engaging design with essential information. We used clear and direct sections to present the details of the event, the costs of participation, our sponsors and partners, and put a special emphasis on conveying the passion and purpose of the event to inspire potential attendees.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design successfully blends the dominant color, a vibrant red, with white to create a strong and memorable visual presence. The color red expresses the passion and energy associated with cycling, creating an engaging atmosphere for visitors.


Navigation on the Mountain Bike landing page is intuitive and efficient. The well-structured menu and distinct sections allow visitors to quickly find the information of interest, including event details, participation costs and information about our partners and sponsors.


This landing page has been developed using the latest web technologies to ensure fast loading and a pleasant browsing experience. The WordPress platform and modern design elements have been implemented to provide superior appearance and functionality.


The landing page has essential functionalities to support the event registration process. Registration forms and comprehensive information sections make participant registration easy and efficient.


I chose Roboto and Montserrat fonts to give a modern and professional look to the landing page. These fonts have been selected for their clarity and ease of reading, helping to accurately convey key messages and information.

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