EcoOptic - Eye health is important, regardless of age.

EcoOptic is a well-structured and specialized online store where you can choose frames and lenses from various specialized brands.


An efficient and accessible platform for the sale of eyeglasses and sunglasses, considering the strong competition on the market and the diversity of the products sold.


The final result was a site with clear navigation, a wide range of products and a simple and fast shopping experience.


The purpose of the project

In the EcoOptic store, you will enjoy a welcoming environment and quality services always geared towards the needs of the public. See the Website


Organization and presentation of products. EcoOptic sells a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses, each with different sizes, colors and features. Another important challenge was to integrate the payment system and ensure the security of financial transactions. With a competitive online market, the online store needed a strong presence in search engines to attract and maintain customers.


Optics, glasses

Our Solution

We used a well-organized structure of categories and subcategories to help customers find the desired products. Also, a clear visual presentation was used, with quality images and complete details about the products. A secure payment platform was used and a two-stage verification system was implemented to ensure the protection of customer data. Web traffic analysis and content optimization tools were used to improve the position in the search engine rankings.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The design is modern and attractive, with a well-chosen color palette and quality images to illustrate the products sold.


Navigation is simple and intuitive, with a well-organized structure and clear categories for the products sold. Users can easily access information about products, prices and specifications, as well as details about delivery and payment. The site also offers an efficient search engine, which facilitates the quick finding of the products you are looking for.


The latest web technologies are used to ensure a quick and easy user experience. The site is optimized for fast loading and works perfectly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.


The site offers a series of useful functions for customers, such as the possibility of creating an account, saving favorite products, the possibility of writing reviews and seeing the reviews of other customers, as well as subscribing to the store's newsletter. The website also offers the possibility to directly contact the team through a contact form.


The fonts used are Poppin, Arial and Times New Roman, being carefully chosen, they ensure good visibility and are easy to read. The fonts are well integrated in the design and ensure consistency throughout the site, offering a pleasant and coherent visual experience for users.

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