Corsem - Installations for use, distribution network expansions, realization of natural gas connection

Corsem is a professional website, made in html css and js where we present the professional services offered by Corsem.


Ensuring an adequate user experience so that users can quickly and easily find the information they need. Ensuring site security and protecting customer data and confidential information.


Navigating the site is easy thanks to the clear and intuitive structure, and the section dedicated to services is well organized and accessible. The site also provides additional information such as contact details and locations.


The purpose of the project

The Corsem site is a site where we present the quality, professionalism, promptness and seriousness of this company


Presenting complex services in a simple and easy-to-understand way for website visitors.

Adequate user experience so that users can quickly and easily find the information they need.

Site security and protection of customer data and confidential information.

Search engine optimization and that it meets SEO requirements to help you rank as high as possible in search results.

Ensuring a professional presentation by choosing an appropriate color scheme and fonts and using an appropriate company image.


Elevator maintenance, repairs and assembly

Our Solution

It is important to plan the site structure and content before starting design and development. Thus, we must ensure that essential information is presented in a clear and accessible manner for users.

The website must be compatible with mobile devices as well as desktop computers so that users can access information efficiently from any device.

To make the site more interactive, we may include a contact form and location maps that can help users get in touch with the business and find the location more easily.

To ensure that the site is found by potential customers, we need to optimize the site for search engines. This may include creating relevant titles and descriptions for web pages, using keywords, and improving site loading speed.

Tehnologii folosite


The Final Result


The colors red and white are used, with an emphasis on red to create an atmosphere of power and urgency.


The navigation menu is simple, with separate pages for each service offered by the company.


The site is built using HTML, CSS and JS to allow greater design customization and a smoother user experience for site users.


The site includes contact information for the business, a map to help users find its location, and links to social media accounts to maintain a connection with customers.


The main font used will be Poppins, which is a modern and easy-to-read font, suitable for a presentation site.

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