White Smoke - Salt, smoke and time

WhiteSmoke is an online store, clear and well structured, which deals with the preparation and sale of meat products.


The challenge in creating this website was to build a safe and intuitive online platform for the sale and delivery of perishable food products, which would provide a convenient and reliable shopping experience for customers.


The result was a well-structured online store with a range of meat products, ordering processes with an attractive design to ensure an easy and pleasant shopping experience for customers.


The purpose of the project

WhiteSmoke deals with the preparation of smoked meat products and their sale.

The Challenge

Creating an online perishable food store can be difficult and requires careful planning and precise implementation. Optimizing page load speed - Page load time can affect the customer shopping experience and lead to shopping cart abandonment. More and more users browse and buy products online from mobile devices, so it is important that the website is compatible with them.

Industry: Eating

Our Solution

A custom WordPress theme was used and specific functionalities were developed to ensure a safe and user-friendly shopping experience for customers. An effective marketing strategy including search engine optimization (SEO) was used to improve conversions. A responsive theme was used and the design and functionality were tested on a variety of devices and screen sizes to ensure the shopping experience is just as good on mobile devices.

Technologies used


Final Result


The design is modern, attractive and well structured. The integration of high-quality images of meat products creates a pleasant atmosphere for users and emphasizes the nature of the products offered by the site. The overall design of the site is simple and easy to navigate, making it easy for visitors to find the products they need.


Site navigation is intuitive and easy to use. The main menu is placed at the top of the page, which allows users to quickly find the products they need.


The site was developed in WordPress, being compatible with the latest web browsers and mobile devices. Relevant plugins and extensions have also been used to provide advanced functionality such as automatic order processing and advanced security features.


Among the most important functions of the site are the ability to view products, add products to the shopping cart, process and manage orders, register and manage the user account, receive status notifications order and to contact customer service.


The fonts used are Yeseva One and Varela Round. These are modern, easy-to-read fonts and fit well with the overall design of the site. Fonts have been carefully chosen to ensure a pleasant reading experience for users and to emphasize the nature of the products offered by the site.

What the client said
about our collaboration
"Above and beyond...Razvan and Cristi showed me that I can transform my simple ideas into something extraordinary...thank you guys and let's continue the collaboration on the next projects."

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