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It is a professional, clear and well-structured site, which offers the visitor the opportunity to purchase tiles, sheets or roof accessories.


The challenge we faced in creating this website was to build the entire site from scratch and make it custom, based on a custom design and to implement an interactive map that displays all our distributors. It was necessary to approach a customized solution, technical and creative, to obtain the desired result.


The result of this challenge was a fully customized website, built from scratch, that stands out for its unique design and advanced functionality implemented. We managed to integrate interactive elements and customized technical solutions, thus providing a pleasant and engaging browsing experience for users.


The purpose of the project

The goal of the project was to provide an efficient platform for users, making it easier for them to identify and connect with distributors and purchase required roofing products.

The ChallengeThe Challenge

During the creation of the website, we encountered some important challenges. One of them was the integration of the interactive map to show the distributors and their locations. It was necessary to research and use an appropriate technical solution to implement this complex functionality.

I also had to deal with managing the large amount of information regarding the distributors' products and roofing accessories. There was a need to organize this information effectively, present it in a clear and accessible way for users and ensure that the site remains easy to navigate.

Industry: Roof

Our Solution

To meet these challenges, we chose a custom content management solution and developed a well-defined structure for product categories and related accessories. We have also implemented an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier to search and find the information you want.

In the end, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a functional, attractive and easy-to-use website that meets our goals of presenting distributors and their products in an effective way and facilitating interaction with interested users.

Technologies used


Final Result


Attractive and coherent design, where the predominant colors of the logo, red and black, are harmoniously integrated into the entire interface.


Navigating the site is easy thanks to a well-organized structure and intuitive menu, which allows users to quickly access the information and products they want.


Modern and robust technologies were used to develop the site, thus ensuring optimal functionality and a smooth browsing experience.


The site benefits from advanced functionalities such as the integration of an interactive map for locating distributors and an efficient search system, allowing users to quickly find the information and products they want.


The Inter font has been used coherently and consistently throughout the site, ensuring a pleasant and easy-to-navigate reading experience.

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