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It is a professional, clear and well-structured website that offers useful and relevant information about its services.


The challenge was to effectively convey brand building services through strategy, design and visual storytelling in an attractive and understandable way for potential clients.


The result was a professional website with an attractive design and well-structured content that manages to effectively convey the services offered and attract new customers.


The purpose of the project

Ensure communication, visuals, strategy and brand positioning all come together in one goal.

The Challenge

How to structure and organize content to make it easy for site users to understand and navigate. Ensuring compatibility with different devices and browsers so that the site works correctly and displays well on different devices and browsers. Page load speed optimization - ensuring that the site loads quickly and efficiently. Selecting the right colors to blend with the brand and communicate the desired message.

Industry: Digital Design, Brand

Our Solution

We carefully planned the navigation structure and pages, used a coherent and intuitive design, as well as clear content writing. Responsive web development technologies and techniques were used to allow the website to adapt to the size and resolution of the screen. We used the main colors from the logo as the basis for the website's color scheme. This can help create a strong visual link between the website and the brand's visual identity.

Technologies used


Final Result


The website design is impressive and coherent, reflecting the brand's visual identity. The design is simple, modern and clean, with vibrant colors that bring a nice contrast between the different sections of the website. The images used are well chosen and complement the brand's message and story in a relevant and visually appealing way.


Navigation is intuitive and easy to use, making the user experience pleasant and fluid. The menu is well structured and provides clear information about each section of the website. The site has a well-thought-out architecture, which makes navigation simple and facilitates finding the necessary information quickly.


The technologies used in the creation of the presentation website are at the latest version and ensure a fast and efficient website. Studiodefault used the latest tools and technologies to optimize the site for speed and performance. These include, among others, image optimization and the use of specific plug-ins that help improve website performance.


The features of the presentation website are well integrated and offer a wide range of options for the website visitors. From the contact form, to the service page and the portfolio, all the features are well integrated and work smoothly. The site is also mobile friendly and offers a seamless experience on any device.


The fonts used are Syne and SpaceGrotesk and blend perfectly with the overall design of the site. They add a strong visual impact and contribute to the consistency of the website's color scheme. These fonts are easy to read and add a distinct touch to the overall look of the site.

What the client said
about our collaboration
As brand designers, we rely heavily on web development. Making sure that someone can shape our vision into a digital reality was an area we've struggled with, project after project. That is until we found the perfect partner in Raisis Software.

Gone are the days when we would hesitantly hand over the development assets, hoping for a perfect outcome. Our partnership with Raisis Software is built on fine attention to detail, professionally managed work on every level of our companies, transparency, and ongoing partnership. The end goal is always our clients' success. And together we've gotten the results we were always looking for.

I highly recommend Raisis Software on behalf of me and everyone at Studio Defalt. If you need software specialists, you'll want them by your side as partners. We sure do.

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