Netcom Activ - Systems integrated with professionalism

It is a site that provides consulting, design, development and project management, system integration and operational support services


Successfully presenting the range of services offered but also creating a simple and intuitive navigation to allow users to quickly find the information they want.


A modern website with easy navigation and a simple and effective design. We presented the information in a clear and structured way, using attractive images and graphics, so that visitors can understand the services offered and appreciate their value.


The purpose of the project

Building systems that work for partners, maximizing the benefits of a unified solution integration approach.

The Challenge

Selecting colors and fonts to match Netcom Activ's image and improve the understanding of their services. Site security was another concern as the site needed to be protected against cyber attacks. We also considered search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the visibility of the site in online searches and increase web traffic.

Industry: Telecommunications, security

Our Solution

The use of a combination of colors and fonts to match the image of Netcom Activ and improve the understanding of the services offered. We used a range of strong colors with blue tones to emphasize the professionalism and seriousness of the services offered. In terms of site security, we have used WordPress security best practices. To optimize SEO, we used a relevant keyword strategy and optimized the site structure to improve search engine performance.

Technologies used


The Final Result


The design was made with matching colors and was well arranged in the page so that it provides a pleasant browsing experience. We used a smart arrangement of elements on the page, with a well-structured main menu and well-placed navigation buttons, to make it easier to find information and improve the user experience.


Navigation was easy and intuitive, with a well-organized and structured main menu that provides clear and easy-to-access information for users.


To create the site, we used the WordPress platform, so that we can offer a faster and more pleasant browsing experience. We have used a well-thought-out information architecture to make navigation as simple and intuitive as possible.


The site has been equipped with useful and well-structured functions, such as search filters, contact forms and other relevant functions, to allow users to find the desired information as quickly and easily as possible.


The font used was Helvetica, a modern and well-structured font that would provide good readability and be easy for users to read. This font has been used with care to provide a pleasant reading experience and to visually enhance the site.

What the client said
about our collaboration
"If I had to describe the collaboration with RaisisSoftware in 3 words, I would use the terms: promptness, professionalism and seriousness. I would also like to thank Mr. Cristi Bursuc for the talent and skill with which he completed the project of updating our website."

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