JAD Consult - Auto Financing/Rabla Program

JAD Consult is a clear and well-structured website that showcases its offered services, ranging from Auto Financing to guiding the purchase of Tesla cars.


Navigating the constantly evolving automotive market has been a key focus in the development of JAD Consult. With new technologies, changing purchasing trends, and ever-shifting financing options, it has been essential to identify the best strategies to remain competitive and meet the continuously changing needs of our customers.


The inclusion of flexible auto financing through our trusted partners, personalized insurance options, and a wide range of wheels and tires at preferential prices ensures that JAD Consult now provides customers with an unparalleled automotive experience.


The project's purpose

The primary goal of the JAD Consult project was to become a trusted partner for anyone looking to enhance their automotive experience. We focused on delivering top-quality services, personalized consultancy, and comprehensive solutions for all car-related needs.

The Challenge

Automotive technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, and providing financing, insurance, and other automotive solutions has required keeping up with new innovations and customer demands.

Efficiently managing the diverse range of offerings and services provided by JAD Consult, such as auto financing, insurance, services for Tesla vehicles, and the sale of wheels and tires. We needed to ensure that all these services are presented in a clear and accessible manner on the website, so that visitors can easily find the relevant information and make informed decisions.

INDUSTRY: Auto insurance, Auto financing

Our Solution

By continuously monitoring technological developments, this has led to a better customer experience and maintaining relevance in an ever-changing market.

Presenting services clearly and concisely so that customers can quickly find the information they need. This has resulted in easier navigation and greater awareness of the options available to customers, strengthening their trust and loyalty to JAD Consult.

Technologies used


The Final Result


The design is based on a vibrant combination of colors, with shades of fresh green and sky blue. This color selection conveys a sense of freshness and trust, creating an attractive and friendly online environment for visitors.


The navigation is smooth and intuitive. The well-structured menu facilitates quick access to essential information, such as the services offered and contact details. This design ensures a pleasant and efficient user experience.


The website was developed on the WordPress platform, providing a solid foundation for content management and easy updates.


The website includes essential functionalities, such as detailed presentation of services, up-to-date information on available auto financing and insurance options, as well as quick contact options. These features enable visitors to quickly find relevant information and make informed decisions.


The Montserrat font was chosen for the website, providing a clear and modern reading experience. This font contributes to the overall professional look of the web pages.

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