Lucicosm Beauty - beauty salon

Lucicosm Beauty is a website dedicated to beauty services such as: hairdressing, manicure, cosmetics and massage.


Finding a solution to present the services offered in a coherent and well-organized way, so that users can quickly and easily find the information they need.


A modern, attractive, easy-to-navigate and accessible site for users, which offers a complete and detailed presentation of beauty services.


The purpose of the project

Presenting beauty services through a website that is easy to navigate and accessible to customers.

The Challenge

The challenge of creating the website for the presentation of beauty services was to create an online platform that would provide a clear and attractive presentation of manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, barbering and makeup services, so that potential customers could quickly find out the necessary information and to be encouraged to use the services offered. In addition, we have created a pleasing and coherent visual experience that conveys the professionalism and attention to detail we have in delivering our services.

INDUSTRY: Beauty services

Our Solution

For the creation of the website for the presentation of beauty services, I chose a combination of pastel and warm colors, with special attention paid to details and images. We opted for a color palette that conveys a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, so that visitors feel attracted and encouraged to schedule their desired services. As for the fonts, we have selected clear and easy-to-read types so that visitors have a pleasant experience browsing the site.

Technologies used


The Final Result


To create a quality design, pastel colors and high quality images were used to reflect the beauty and luxury of the services presented.


Navigation is easy and intuitive, so users can quickly access main pages without feeling overwhelmed by information or design.


The site is built using WordPress technology, which guarantees flexibility and ease of administration.


The site provides users with access to a set of functions and features, such as contact forms, service information, image gallery, to ensure an efficient and personalized user experience.


The fonts used are Lexend Exa and Poppins, both of which are high-quality and easy-to-read fonts, which ensure a pleasant user experience for site visitors.

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