Crystal window - Windows, doors and terrace closures

Crystal Window offers services for closing terraces and balconies with safety glass systems, as well as installing doors and windows.


Presenting the services offered in a clear and accessible way for users, using effective design and functionality solutions.


A modern and attractive online platform that presents the services offered in a clear and concise way, using high quality images and detailed descriptions of each offer.


The purpose of the project

Creation of a modern and efficient online platform for presenting the services offered by the client, as well as for attracting new clients.

The Challenge

To create the website, it was necessary to create an attractive and functional design that highlights the services offered by the client, as well as to develop an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation for website users. To overcome this challenge, we approached the development of the website with a strategy based on careful research of the client's and users' needs, as well as the use of modern and efficient design technologies and methods.

INDUSTRY: Installation of doors and windows, Consulting and design

Our Solution

To create the right solution, we chose to develop the site on the WordPress platform, using a combination of themes and specialized plugins to achieve the desired design and functionalities. To highlight our customer services and make it easier for users to navigate and search for information, we have developed a clear and well-organized structure with intuitive and easy-to-use navigation. We also used high-quality images and well-structured content to provide relevant and useful information.

Technologies used


The Final Result


The design is modern, sleek and easy to navigate. We used a neutral color palette, carefully selected images and a responsive layout to create a clear and intuitive page structure. Our goal was to provide a pleasant experience to users visiting the site.


Navigation is intuitive, allowing users to quickly and easily find the information they need.


The technologies used to develop the site were the latest and most advanced, including WordPress and specialized plugins, which enabled the creation of a fast and scalable site.


The site's functions have been developed with a well-structured interface that allows users to access the information they need quickly and easily. There is also a video gallery to provide users with an interactive and efficient experience.


Montserrat and Ubuntu Condensed fonts were used to create a coherent and well-structured visual experience. These fonts were chosen because they are easy to read and have a modern and professional look.

What the client said
about our collaboration
I worked extremely well with the RaisisSoftware team, and the website they created turned out exactly as I wanted. I received a lot of pertinent advice from a well trained team and they handled every aspect of the project with interest and patience. They showed professionalism, promptness, creativity and seriousness. We will definitely collaborate again in the future. I recommend with confidence!
Crystal Window

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