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Autodel Rent a Car is a car rental website with a clear and intuitive structure, designed to facilitate your car bookings, offering a range of vehicles and flexible payment options, including the possibility to request a personalized quote.


The challenge in developing this website was to successfully integrate a flexible and secure booking platform for car rentals while ensuring a simple and intuitive user experience at the same time.


The result was the creation of a functional and attractive website that enables users to quickly and easily book cars with flexible and secure payment options.


The project's purpose

The purpose of this project was to provide an online car rental platform that brings value to our customers, offering them access to a diverse range of vehicles and booking options, while strengthening and developing the Autodel brand as a trusted partner in the car rental industry.

The Challenge

Successfully integrating a car booking platform was a significant technical challenge. We had to ensure that the system operates without errors, providing a smooth user experience.

With online payment options, we took the responsibility of safeguarding our users' personal and financial information seriously. Data security was an absolute priority, and implementing appropriate security measures was an ongoing challenge.

We aimed for the website to be user-friendly for all users, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

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Our Solution

We used a customized booking platform tailored to our specific needs. We conducted rigorous testing and ensured seamless integration into the website, providing users with a smooth and efficient booking experience.

We implemented SSL security protocols to protect against cyberattacks and adhered to the highest standards of compliance regarding the handling of sensitive customer data.

We placed a special emphasis on the intuitive and user-friendly design of our website. We conducted usability tests to identify and address any interface and navigation issues, ensuring that our users have a pleasant and efficient experience from their very first visit to AutoDel.

Technologies used


The Final Result


Our approach to the design of the AutoDel website reflects elegance and professionalism. Our color palette included warm shades of vibrant orange, refined black, and clean white to convey warmth and trust to users.


We emphasized smooth and intuitive navigation, ensuring that users can easily and quickly access all the information and rental options they are looking for. Our well-structured menu and efficient search functionality make the user experience straightforward and convenient.


For the development of the AutoDel website, we utilized cutting-edge technologies, including the WordPress platform for content management and the integration of the Stripe payment platform for a secure and flexible payment experience.


The AutoDel website features a wide range of functionalities, including a customized booking form, flexible payment options, the ability to request personalized quotes, and efficient reservation management.


We chose the fonts Barlow and Titillium Web to give our website a modern and friendly appearance. These fonts were selected for their excellent legibility and how well they align with the visual identity of AutoDel.

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